Becca Nystrom

Becca Nystrom

I do not view my career in real estate as a sales job.  Homes sell themselves when they meet the needs of the prospective buyer.  I believe my job is customer service.  If I do not take the time to know my clients and their needs and wants, then I cannot introduce the correct homes to them.  If I am not present and engaged with a buyer when we are looking at homes, I will miss opportunities to watch body language and hear voice inflections that will help me identify underlying, sometimes unknown, needs that my client may have.  

For a seller, customer service means helping a seller have a realistic understanding of the current market.  I have to help the seller look at his/her home from the perspective of potential buyers.  Understanding the current market conditions is equally as critical when listing a home.  As a full time agent, I am up-to-date and always aware of how the market is trending at any given time.  

With over a decade in real estate experience, I offer a wealth of knowledge.  Unlike many agents, I love working with buyers.  I take pride in working with first time buyers who need to have someone trustworthy guiding them through the complicated and time consuming steps needed to realize the American Dream of homeownership.  Working with many buyers strengthens my role as a listing agent, because I know what they are looking for.  I also have experience working with family trust and probate sales, divorce sales, distressed sales, relocations and everything in between.  

You are unique, your situation is unlike anyone else's.  You deserve to be treated as an individual.  I will give you the service, time and attention that you should expect from your agent.  

I hope you will give me a call and see the difference working with a caring agent can make.   



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